Lechuga Orgánica Mantequilla  ( Organic Butter Lettuce) unidad/unit

Lechuga Orgánica Mantequilla ( Organic Butter Lettuce) unidad/unit

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Benefit of eating lettuce:

  1. Improves vision

Lollo rosso has the ability to improve vision due to antioxidant content named vitamin A. That vitamin is popular to the health of eyes and therefore some diseases related with eyes can be treated by consuming healthy foods high of vitamin A.

  1. Boosts immune system

The vegetable is rich of antioxidants to boost immune system. Since then, it will protect the body from several conditions that might happen when the immune system is low. On the other hand, it helps the body to recover faster from injuries or wounds

  1. Prevents heart diseases

The consuming of lollo rosso can lead to reduce blood pressure and it will protect heart or prevent the heart from conditions like stroke and heart attack. Those two conditions may trigger other diseases even danger overall health.

  1. Supports for skin health

Skin health is supported by antioxidants and you can find them in lollo rosso. As the source of antioxidants, the benefit of that vegetable is for skin works effectively. In addition, it makes the skin seems young as well as protect it from pimples and acne.

  1. Acts as anti-inflammation

Just like any other vegetable, lollo rosso has anti-inflammatory properties and it acts as anti-inflammation. Both the increasing of immune system and anti-inflammatory properties is good for overall health.

  1. Reduces the risk of frequent colds and infections

Some people believe that lollo roso may reduce the risk of frequent colds and infections. It is probably due to anti-inflammatory properties including many other essential nutrients contained in that vegetable.

  1. Eliminates cancer cells

Anti-inflammatory properties in lollo rosso reduce free radicals as well as the growing of cancer cells. Actually, it is not only for cancer cells but also for any harmful bacteria would be removed from the body.

  1. Promotes the health of bones

There are nutrients in lollo rosso that promote the health of bones such as vitamin K and calcium. However, it should be noticed that to get the benefit successfully, then you can consume some health foods with lots of those nutrients.

  1. Controls anxiety

Anxiety often happen to some people and to control the condition, then lollo rosso is a great option. In ancient time, the people use the vegetable to treat anxiety where they believed it is due to neurogical properties contained in that vegetable.

  1. Induces sleep

One of the health benefits of lollo rosso is to induce sleep or it acts as sleep inducer. The benefit is traditional use of that vegetable and consequently, it helps those who are having problem with sleep especially at night.

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